NYS Continuing Education Requirements

Licensed Mental Health Counselors

How Many CEUs Does NYS Require?

New York State Education Law requires each licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) to complete 36 hours of acceptable formal continuing education during each three-year registration period. 

The difference between “licensure” and “registration”

In New York, upon satisfying the licensure eligibility requirements, a “license” is awarded. Licensure is for life unless suspended, revoked or annulled for reasons of misconduct.

In order to both practice as a licensed mental health counselor in New York and use the restricted titles “licensed mental health counselor” or “mental health counselor” a licensee must be currently “registered”.

Every licensed mental health counselor practicing with his or her New York license must complete the required acceptable formal continuing education in order to register, except in the first registration period after initial licensure 

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Licensed Master Social Workers and Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) must complete 36 hours of approved continuing education courses for each triennial registration period. No more than 12 hours of continuing education activities in any 36 month period, or one-third of the total hours in periods of other length, may consist of self-study educational activities from New York State Education Department approved providers.

This site offers information for licensees and entities seeking to be designated as an approved provider of continuing education course work for licensed master social workers and licensed clinical social workers.

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