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716 CEU Policies

Cancellation Policy

Cancelations will be accepted, and payments refunded in full minus the Base fee (2.9% + $0.30) up to two (2) weeks prior to registered training event. Following two weeks prior to event, an exchange for a future training equal to or less than the amount already paid for that event’s registration will be given to learners that cancel their registration, for whatever reason, up to two (2) days prior to the event date. If a balance is owed after the credit has been applied then that balance will be due at time or registration. 716 CEU will not refund the difference if any remains after the credit is applied. Registrants are required to call or email 716 CEU for all cancelation requests. If a registrant cancels or no-shows within two days of the event date, a refund will not be given. If you No Call/No Show you have taken an opportunity that another learner could have benefited from. With adequate notification the learners on our waiting list can be notified and take your spot. We understand that emergencies arise at the last minute but, will not be able to issue you a refund of any kind. In the case of inclement weather in person events may be rescheduled or reformatted to virtual learning. If 716 CEU, LLC cancels a training, registrants will be notified via Email and refunds will be paid in full.

 Please note: If you accidentally register for a course or you registered twice for the same training, we are not responsible to pay the credit card base fee (2.9% + $0.30). You will be refunded for the error minus the base fee. 

Late Arrival Policy

Due to New York state requirements the trainings we offer follow an agenda. In order to cover all the material in our allotted time, learners must be present for the entirety of the presentation to receive credit. If you will be less than 15 minutes late please call or email us so we know when to expect you. If you show up to an in-person or live-virtual training 15 minutes past the start time we may ask that you reschedule your training. However if you notified us prior and we determine you can be caught up on a break or after the session is complete we may offer you that option. Virtual trainings will be locked to attendees signing on later than 15 minutes.

No-Show Policy

Our trainings have limited spots available. Your place in the training is reserved especially for you. If you No Call/No Show you have taken an opportunity that another learner could have benefited from. With adequate notification (2 weeks) the learners on our waiting list can be notified and take your spot. We understand that emergencies arise at the last minute but, we will not be able to issue you a refund of any kind. This situation is very regrettable and is a difficult decision for us to make.

Enrollment Policy

To successfully host a training 716 CEU requires a minimum of two attendees per training. Having multiple attendees in each training provides great benefits as we engage in open discussion related to the training materials and topic. As a group, 716 CEU encourages all learning with us to network as an added value to our time together. 716 CEU reserves the right to postpone and reschedule any trainings when the minimum attendance requirement is not met. The learner will be notified no later than 3 days in advance if the minimum enrollment is not met. When a training is rescheduled or canceled for this reason, the learner will receive a credit for the enrolled training and can decide to use the credit toward the enrollment of any future course. 716 CEU does not offer a refund if minimum enrollment is not met.

Self-Learn Course Refund Policy

For easiest access to your download please follow the link sent in your confirmation email. We suggest using a laptop, desktop, or copy and pasting the download link to Google Chrome. The download order must be completed in sequential order starting with the PowerPoint, then the quiz, and then the evaluation. If you skip this order your course will not be marked as completed and the enrollment and download will need to be reissued.

716 CEU is not responsible for user error or download issues when they occur based on the device you are using. It is up to the learner to determine what application or download settings that are set on each specific device. Issues from Apple iPhone, Android phone, and tablets are common. 716 CEU does not have the technological insight to be able to problem solve on every device as they all have different settings. Please be sure to check your downloads settings and files if you experience any issue downloading the course. We are happy to help problem solve any issues you may have with the understanding that it make take us two business days to respond. After you have tried troubleshooting please contact us with your issue at 716CEU@gmail.com

If we cannot resolve your issue we will refund you in full minus the Base fee (2.9% + $0.30). This is because we cannot determine if the actual issue is due to user error.

Training Request Details & Policy

Training topic requests are a courtesy to the organization and learners requesting the event.

  • How the process works…

      • After the initial form request is submitted we will reach out to the contact person with any further questions on what is needed to move forward with the research and development of your training.
      • We will give you an estimated time frame to put your training event together and deposit amount. The deposit amount is based on the type of training requested (in-person/virtual), time deadline agreed upon, length of training/amount of CEU requested, and number of attendees. A deposit is required to move forward with research and development of the training because a state approved training requires extensive detail.
      • A contract will be sent over outlining expectations of both parties.
      • Upon completion of the research and development we will schedule a meeting with the contact person to review and edit the training materials.
      • Please note- If you’re requesting the presentation be in person a travel reimbursement fee may be added to your total. This fee is based on the current milage reimbursement rates in Upstate NY or travel methods used and any needed lodging expenses. All trainings that are requested to be developed and presented in under three months are subject to an expedited processing fee. 

    If you have any questions about the process of requesting a training please reach out.

Credit Policy

Credits can only be applied to one future training, regardless of cost. If the cost of the future training is greater than the credit, then the balance will become due at registration time. This credit is good for 6 months and after that time the credit will be expired. If you see a training you like and it is scheduled more than 6 months in advance you may use the credit as long as you register before your 6 month expiration.