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Why Learn with 716 CEU?

Have you ever scheduled a training and as the date approached it began to cause you stress and fill you with a sense of dread? Questions like: Will this time away from clients be worth it? Will they make me feel silly if I ask a question or if I need something repeated? Will I be judged if I show up in comfortable attire?

If a thought like any of these hasn’t crossed your mind before attending a training then you’re lucky but, if you’re someone like me that likes to weigh in on the pros and cons of a professional decision then please read on.

To me, a day away from the office to pursue professional education requirements shouldn’t feel like extra work. That’s why learning with us will be simple: Show up comfortably and engage with presenter and other professionals as you feel comfortable-not forced. We want you to be able to relax while being reminded of previously learned information and acquire any new information being presented in an enjoyable way. For some trainings handouts and resources will be given to use with clients and colleagues upon completion of the training. How rewarding to be able to take new materials learned back to your work site and help those around you thrive!

There are many choices out there to get your learn on, but traditional isn’t always most beneficial. Register for a training with us that will be memorable, where you’re treated like a colleague and your input is valued. Break away from stuffy classroom style learning and step into an environment where you’re considered part of the learning process and not just a number in the crowd. The experience you bring to our trainings will for sure teach us something new too! In the behavioral health field we should place priority on learning and growing as often as we can by sharing experiences and collaborating with like minded professionals. We can’t wait to meet you!